A Food Moment: Papillote in Savannah, GA

Over New Year’s I was visiting Savannah with my honey and I had a bit of a food epiphany at a little French Cafe, Papillote.  An adorable little place that we actually first stumbled across when walking home one night, long after it closed.  Something about its ambience caught our eyes, and after a quick perusal of their delectable menu, it was obvious that it was a must visit.  There was really one specific item on the menu that intrigued me: the lavender-apricot french macaroon. By noontime the next day we were back and thrilled to find the cafe had come alive with customers and sharp staff adeptly tending to their duties.  When traveling, I often find its the unexpected places and things you stumble upon that make the best memories, and this moment definitely fit the description.

The macaroon lived up to everything I had hoped.  Its perfect little purple package of lavender cookie with apricot filling was delightful.  The balance of the light and aromatic cookie, with the fruity taste of the apricot filling was perfect. There was so much going on in that tiny little package no bigger than a half dollar and so much care had been paid to make sure the layers of flavor balanced.  And the care and thought was not unique to the baked goods.  Everything is made from scratch on site.  The owners are very much there, hands-on, and knowledgeable.  There is nothing as refreshing as great quality food, made with a high level of detail and care.

Not the lavender cookie of my dreams, but delightful nonetheless. http://www.papillote-savannah.com

I didn’t get to try everything on the menu that I wanted, but rest assured, it will be a must visit spot the next time I find myself in Savannah.

2 responses to “A Food Moment: Papillote in Savannah, GA

  • Yvette

    I discovered Papillote right around that time as well! My boyfriend and I were there for New Years and this was my favorite find on that trip! We got take-out and went to a square to eat. So delicious! We had brisket wrapped in pastry dough – I don’t remember the name but it was amazing. We are going to NYC next month – can you recommend any flavorful, inexpensive places like this in that city?

    • egb

      I actually found Papillote over New Year’s with my boyfriend too! How funny. I haven’t been to NYC in a few years, so I don’t dare recommend anything. Things change so quick, but there are always plenty of yummy options! Enjoy the trip!

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