Cupcake Cones!

I had a pint-sized sous chef in the kitchen with me this weekend, Miss Mini Human, and she wanted to make cupcakes.  But not just any basic cupcakes, specifically cupcake cones.   For those of you unfamiliar with the cupcake cone, they are basically the same as regular cupcakes but awesomer because they are made in ice cream cones instead of cupcake wrappers.  That’s right, edible wrappers!

Frosted and ready to eat.

Miss Mini was in charge of shopping for the project, so she arrived early Saturday morning with Funfetti cake mix, multi-colored ice cream cones, and extra creamy vanilla frosting.  No, you’re right, we didn’t make anything from scratch for this recipe, but sometimes when you are cooking with a pint-sized sous chef, its better to go with a sure thing like Funfetti.

Cake and Ice cream

Now there are still things to learn from this project, besides the fact that kids like sweets and have short attention spans.  The first challenge was how to get the ice cream cones in the oven while they were full of cake batter.

Hot out of the oven

1. Use flat bottom cake cones.

2. Use a cupcake/muffin pan.  Cut out 6 inch x 6 inch squares of tinfoil and lay them over each muffin cup.  Stand the cone in the muffin cup with the tin foil below it and wrap the bottom of the cone with the excess foil to keep in stable.  It basically just needs to be stable long enough to get them in the oven.

3. Fill each cone with about 1/4 cup of batter.  Too much batter and you will have overflow down the sides of the cone.  Too little and you won’t have the cupcake top you need for good frosting.

Overflow happens

Overall, a fun and easy project to share with a little sous chef!



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