Week Recap: Sorbet


This week I was inspired by fresh fruit, the start of spring, and the return of warm weather.  I tried my hand at sorbet and was surprised at how easy it really is!  Good heavens.  Pureed, sweeten, and freeze.  This is almost too easy.  I wonder if its healthy to live off sorbet alone.  I am also really excited about how easy it is because it allows me to control the sugar content and eliminate the ‘other’ content of commercially produced options.  And plus Miss Mini Sous Chef gobbles it up.  She even picked it over ice cream the other night. I don’t dare tell her that its not that bad for her.

Thanks again for all the lovely comments this week.  I did have one or two questions, including a great one from Alchemy about what I’ve named my pineapple-mint vodka drink.  Kettle and I bantered back and forth a few times and it just got a little silly (I think when I offered up “Don Hoe with a stick of gum” and “Sponge Bob Mojito” I knew we would never come up with anything).  So if anyone has any good ideas about naming options, I will totally consider them and give you a shout out!

Notable points from the week:

What I’m reading: Gumbo Tales by Sara Roahen.

What I’m thinking about: The French Macaron

What I’m excited for: The rain to stop before next weekend.

Teaser for This week’s posts: When life gives you lemons…



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