Pot enjoying some coffee

I’m Pot…

I’m a nerd by training, but a foodie by desire.

And I like to eat.  A lot.   My love for eating has led me to learn to cook, and, slowly, I’ve begun to really explore the cooking world.  Its not always tasty, and its not always pretty, but there is always something to learn and its always fun.


Kettle on the beach


He’s Kettle…

He’s chief taste tester, recipe advisor, and cooking co-conspirator.

Oh, and he’s a nerd too.



There’s also…

Mini is part fish.

Mini Sous Chef…

Our eight year old frequent visitor.  Highly energetic and a big fan of recipes that don’t take too long. Nerd in training.

Always ready for a snack




The Stomach…

Our nearly eight year old monster.  A true lover of food, all types.  Not the most discerning palette.  Definitely not a nerd.


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